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How to Make the Process of Teaching and Learning a Language Enjoyable


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Speaking Activities

1. Picture Description: This is not a traditional activity in which you provide students with a picture and ask them to talk about it in pairs. First you need to assign roles to students depending on what your picture tells. For example, if it depicts a crime scene, A student can be a policeman and B student a journalist. If it depicts a scene from rural area, A can be soemone living in the city centre but s/he is tired of this, and B can be someone from a village and s/he loves to visit city and live there.  The key for Ss is to talk about the picture taking into consideration their characters’ feelings and ideas. Thanks to Lindsay Clandfield for the idea.


2. Interpret my dream: It’s a pair work. You need to give A students some pictures or just some words if you don’t have any pictures with you. The words tell what A dreamed about last night. As are supposed to tell their dreams to Bs who are supposed to draw the images or abstract things that As talk about. Then Bs will intrepret As’ dreams after showing the drawing to everyone in the class. In the end, the best interpreter will be chosen.

Warm up

3. I am a chair: This warm up is to energize Ss in order to make them ready for the lesson if it’s an early class in the morning. You need to prepare some small pieces of papers to write some objects on. For example, a hair drier, a washing machine, a chair, etc. It depends of your creativity, as well. Distribute papers to Ss. Now they are supposed to act as if they were the objects. Walking about the classroom, they need to find at least three Ss who can guess what they are. It is really great fun.

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